Evans Homestead Farm

About Evans Homestead

Evans Homestead is a first generation, 100-percent Veteran owned farm located in Commerce, Texas.  We believe in Local, Natural and Homegrown.  Evans Homestead is currently offering chicken  and duck eggs  to restaurants, but are expanding every day to include more products for our customer base. All of our product is raised/grown with nature in mind. Our product is certified under the Homegrown by Heros Label, which is the official farmer veteran branding of America.

homegrown by heroes

Our Mission

Evans Homestead’s strategy is simple- We offer Fresh, Local, Natural products that are grown, raised or made on our farm, using sustainable practices while working with the environment to be better stewards of the land. We will provide our customers an educational experience by way of transparency in our farm work, and continue to advocate for farming principles that result in a more sustainable model of agriculture.

Our History

Even though Evans Homestead is still in a startup mode, we have been hobby farming for several years. My farm history started back in 2012 as a family, but my dreams of becoming a farm stem way further back, when I lived in Southern Germany as a kid and seeing how farmers raised cattle in the Alps and all of the clean air. And even farther back as my great granddad (who sadly I never met) was a cowboy on King’s Ranch and had his own small farm.  But as a family, we were living at a house on the lake in the country and wanted to start growing/raising our own foods.  But due to a property owner association we were not allowed to have “farm animals”, so we started with some raised beds as well as rabbits and ducks as these were not considered farm animals.  After a year of doing this, we wanted more so we leased 30 acres with access to another 150 acres for hunting and wood gathering and started raising many different species of animals to see what we liked to raise.  We raised both beef and dairy cattle, meat and dairy goats, meat sheep, meat and laying chickens, turkeys, quail, Guineas, pigs and both meat and laying ducks.  We did this for three years. During these three years as a “test bed” farm, we at the end were able to pay for all of the feed for all of the animals just from the egg sales to friends and family.

Around a year ago, we purchased 2 acres of land with a house and large shop to start my dream of me becoming a full-time farmer in raising meat goats, laying chickens and ducks, meat rabbits and later- honey bees, various fruits and veggies. We plan to buy more land in the future to increase our farm’s capacity.

Our Animals

Our animal breeds vary. We try to stick with breeds that adapt well to the Texas climate and are better at foraging.  That way the customer gets a better product from the animal eating what they are meant to eat. Our current production system is a mix between rotational grazing and large coops for the chickens but with plenty of room for the birds.  The sheep and most of the rabbits are on grass full time and are given hay in the winter.  We do offer all the animals feed (a ration that my wife creates- She is a Veterinarian Technician with multiple certificates in animal nutrition) as a treat to keep them used to us for when we need to do maintenance such as hoof trimming.  By allowing the animals to be used to humans, they are not as stressed out when we are working them. They are also offered free choice minerals.

Our meat sheep are a combination of both South African Dorper (South Africa) and Desert Painted (Texas). Both breeds do well in the hotter climate here in Texas.

Our Chickens are a variety of breeds from Lavender Ameraucana’s, Barred Rocks, regular Ameraucana’s, Rhode Island Reds, Australorps and a mixture in between.

We currently sell our eggs to Harvest Seasonal Kitchen located in McKinney, TX but plan to expand this business to include more restaurants as well as farmers markets.

Our meat rabbits are a combination of Californians and TAMU-K’s (Texas A@M University- Kingsville) which are also bred to adapt well to the Texas climate.

We also incubate eggs for ourselves as well as clients, a variety of bird breeds.