Evans Homestead Farm

Our Team

Brad Evans

Owner / President

Brad Evans is an Air Force Veteran who served during Desert Storm/Shield, who oversees the Management, Finance, Marketing and Sales of Evans Homestead

Melissa Evans

Veterinary Technician

Melissa Evans is a Certified Veterinary Assistant at a local Animal Hospital.  At Evans Homestead she oversees the overall herd/flock health including nutrition to maintain a perfect balance for all of the animals. She is currently working on her Licensed Veterinary Technician degree.

Aleya Evans

Farm Hand / Assistant Veterinary Technician

Aleya Evans is one of our Farm Hands. She is currently going through college working on her Certified Veterinary Assistant training.

DK Evans

Farm Hand

DK Evans is our other Farm Hand. 

Freyja Evans

Farm Security System

Freyja Evans is part of a multi-layer security system to keep both 2 legged and 4 legged predators away from our animals. Here she is driving to go to the doggie spa after a hard day’s work.